• Our Vision

    KDMBDC will be innovative in stimulating commercial activity to support a collective economy that is sustainable, profitable and responsive to its Member Nations by being fiscally, socially and environmentally responsible.

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What Sets Apart

KDM BDC is of the view that there are three fundamental areas that are critical to its success as an early stage Aboriginal company.

Strategic Relationships

The industry relationships of KDM BDC provide a competitive advantage over other service providers in the region. Leveraging these relationships, ie: KDM BDC’s strong relationship with BHP and Encanto Potash, will minimize the contract risk of the business.


Capital investment is a pre-requisite for any business, and the source of that capital is a primary determinant of the future profitability and self-sustaining capacity of the business. As the Member Nations are First Nation organizations that support a vast number of members, their supply of capital has less risk tolerance than a normal business would.

People & Expertise

The people who are employed, and the expertise those people carry, are paramount to the success of any start-up entity. And in the initial stages of a business, hiring the best people helps minimize the risk of failure and capital destruction.

Realizing Opportunity

There is a significant amount of investment and growth within the Saskatchewan mining industry. In particular, there a number of large-scale projects that are within our traditional territories and the proximity of each allows for employment opportunities for our on-reserve band membership. We believe that collaboration through the creation of strategic alliances – not only with one another, but also with industry and government – is the key to successful workforce attachment for our membership as well as for the collective business pursuits of our three First Nations.